#26Acts – I’m In, Are You?

It’s no lie, I’ve been seriously shaken up by Friday’s shooting in Newtown. I’ve watched news coverage, read articles and really can’t turn away from the news and the stories coming out. Whether it’s a teacher who’s saving their students life, or the child that ran down the hall with his friends, right next to the gunman, I just can’t imagine what that town in going through.

When I saw Ann Curry tweet about giving back and participating in 26 random acts of kindness for Newtown, I knew I wanted to participate. Whether it’s buying a strangers cup of coffee, buying lunch for a coworker, leaving gift cards, paying for someone’s gas or sending cards, there are tons of ways to get involved.

If you do good, you’ll feel good. – Ann Curry

Over the next few days, think about those children – what can you do to honor their memory? For me, I want to participate an act of kindness in honor of each of them. What ideas do you have? How can you give back this holiday season?

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3 Responses to #26Acts – I’m In, Are You?

  1. Bite Buff says:

    The Voice’s opening number made me really tear up. It was so beautiful.

  2. I make a point to be kind to everyone because you never know how much that simple act means to them. We are far too stingy with our smiles or a simple greeting to a stranger these days. Even something as simple as holding the door, greeting the cashier or being courteous behind the wheel makes a huge difference – especially if everyone does it!

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