Like a Prayer

After a relaxing day on Friday, which included a serious cleaning of my house and organizing Christmas decorations, I was ready to see one of our living legends in concert on Saturday. When an extra ticket was available to see Madonna in concert, how was I going to say no?

The ladies and I started the evening off at Hodge’s where we all enjoyed some of the new fall offerings (gnocchi and spaghetti squash are both to die for!) and I enjoyed the Pom-Madonna (a special drink for the evening), as well as a couple of Beau’s new signature drink. Which is now my favorite drink. It was an unseasonably warm evening in Cleveland and with The Greenhouse Tavern rooftop open for drinks, we had to visit for at least one. A quick stop at La Strada and we were on our way to the Q for our girl Madonna.

Image: Why CLE?

How would I describe the concert? It was a little too dark in the beginning for my personal preference. I just wanted to dance to all the good old school Madonna that we love. That said, there were a few songs from MDNA that I really enjoyed. And Madonna is a true performer. No matter what was going on, I was engaged in the show. But no moment was better than when Madonna took the stage, with a full choir, to Like A Prayer. It has always been one of my favorites and clearly was also a favorite to plenty of other Clevelanders.

Sunday, Monina, her daughter and I went to the Fabulous Food Show. I, of course, wanted to go see Michael Symon but the three of us also enjoyed some time walking around, visiting vendors and tasting some local food. Michael made us laugh and had quite a few quotable moments during the show.

The best way to end a Sunday with friends? A dance party to this song, of course.

Don’t forget to join Playhouse Square on Thursday for the kick off for 2013’s Jump Back Ball!

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