Jump Back Two Spaces

One of my favorite events of the past year was Playhouse Square’s Jump Back Ball. Food, drinks, casino games and hours of dancing made for an evening of fun. It’s crazy that we’re already all thinking and talking about JBB 2013!

Jump Back Ball 2013 will be held on February 23, 2013 at Playhouse Square. If you haven’t attended an event at Playhouse Square, get ready. It’s absolutely gorgeous and one of the best Cleveland landmarks.

This year’s theme for the Cleveland Black-Tie event? Jump Back 2 Spaces! That’s right – board games. Think of all your favorites: Clue, Monopoly, Candyland, Risk, Scrabble. I can already imagine some of the excellent costumes and outfits that will be worn (last year I waited to get my dress…this year, I will shop early!)

So you want to attend, right? Well, to get the best prices for this year’s event, mark Thursday, November 15th on your calendar. Swing by Market Garden Brewery to celebrate the Hottest Party in Cleveland from 5:30-7:30 and be the first to secure your tickets to this amazing event. There will be complimentary apps and drink specials (plus, you can have Festivus Ale to ring in the holiday season).

When you attend Thursday’s event, you will be able to get tickets at the lowest price that tickets will be. Tickets will be $135 each at the Kickoff Event with no handling fees (or $110 if you are a Playhouse Square Partner – another benefit to joining – you can join Partners at the kickoff party!)

The event has sold out in previous years so be sure to get your tickets now! More information on Jump Back Ball is available here.

Grab some friends, start thinking of what you will be wearing and make plans to jump 2 spaces back at JBB22!

(Disclosure: I am a Playhouse Square Partner and was invited to blog for the upcoming Jump Back Ball. In exchange for blogging about the event, I will be receiving one general admission ticket. However, JBB was already on my calendar and I can’t wait to attend again in 2013!)

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