Clambakin’ and Bubbles

Fall in Cleveland tends to mean a few things: gorgeous leaves, fun tailgates and clambakes. Saturday, after a low-key Friday night, a group of friends gathered together at one of our favorite locations in the city for a clambake filled with food, beer, drinks and more than enough laughs.

After much discussion (really none at all), Monina, Kimberly and I all signed up for the clambake at Hodge’s and not far behind were some of my favorite FOX8 anchors and reporters, Mark Zinni and Melissa Reid. Good thing we were put at the back table. Because after a few Bell’s Brewery beers and not seeing each other in about a month, the conversation was nonstop, the laughter happened so much that tears were rolling down our face and the food and beer just added to the afternoon.

Yes, it’s blurry but I love this group…thanks for rolling up and joining us Mark 😉

Kimberly and her 5lbs of (delicious) pulled pork

Lots of laugh and lots of fun

Happy this lovely lady joined the weekend festivities!

Just the sweetest!

After some more wine and girl talk, I was more than ready to continue the weekend festivities with the new Sunday Funday tradition. This weekend the spot to be was Market in Rocky River for the Bloody Mary Showdown. Instead of joining in with the Bloody Mary Showdown, Catie and I had this instead:

Mimosa Kit, yes please.

We, of course, supported the Hodge’s Cleveland team with their submission into the Bloody Mary Showdown (Beau was recently named Cleveland Magazine’s Best of Cleveland Best Bartender so we thought for sure he had this one in the bag too…) There’s always next year though!


It got our vote!

All in all, another fun weekend in The CLE with great food, great drinks and even better friends.

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