A Good Cause

There’s not much I love more than a nonprofit with a great mission, especially having started my career in nonprofit fundraising and marketing. When a coworker and friend told me about EDWINS (standing for – Education Wins), I was intrigued and interested in learning more.


Brandon Chrostowski of L’Albatros has started this new, innovative program – helping ex-offenders integrate into the community by learning culinary and restaurant skills.

In addition to those skills, members of EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute will learn life-skills, have the opportunity to receive housing, clothing and counseling among other services. Not only will this program be assisting the ex-offenders to integrate back into their community, they will also be giving back through this program and learning skills that they may not have otherwise.

EDWINS will be holding their first fundraising on Sunday, October 14th from 6-9pm, “Taste the Potential” to launch the nonprofit and raise money to get the program up and running in our community. The evening will feature fantastic food and wine by some of the very best in Cleveland, as well as James Bear award winners David and Karen Watluck of NYC’s Chanterelle restaurant. Other chefs participating in the evening include: Karen Small of The Flying Fig, Zack Bruell of Parallax, Chris Hodgson of Hodge’s, Paul Minnillo of Flour and Adam Gidlow of On the Rise Bakery.

Tickets are available at $200/person or $350/couple. All money raised from the event will help start the EDWINS training program. Tickets are still available. Click here to reserve a ticket!

Disclosure: Like I said, I love a good cause, which is why I’m featuring this nonprofit. All opinions are my own!

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  1. Stace says:

    Great cause – thanks for the shout out!!

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