No Words Today

Little too much on my mind and going on to blog today. But some blog keeping is needed…a Yellowcake Hullabaloo Blog winner: The lovely Tabitha (who won due to the tweet she left on her birthday!!) Happy Belated Birthday and excited to see you at the event.

If you don’t have tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Join Valerie and the rest of the Yellowcake gang and make this fashion show/fundraiser a success!

 There are two different price levels available:

General Admission – $15 (before 9/20) and $20 (after 9/20) and $25 at the door. Includes: runway show, apps, cash bar, candy bar, silent auction packages.

VIP – $75 (before 9/20) and $85 (after 9/20) and $100 at the door. Includes: Complimentary cocktails, apps, meet and greet with Valerie and a preview of the runway show looks, signed sketch print, first chance bidding and an opportunity to win a garment.


About Charlene Ann

30Something, Type A, City Dweller. Lover of bad pop music, coffee, reading, bourbon, to-do lists, wine, trashy TV and Cleveland.
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