Smitten….with The Browns

Yes, I’m stealing the title of my post from my dearest friend Kimberly. Cause she’s officially Smitten with the Browns after her first tailgate and of course, I’ve always been smitten and in love with the Browns.

Sunday, the kick off of the season, included tailgating in Muni Lot. Which I consider my home away from home. It’s where all my friends tailgate and it just makes me smile every year. It was Kimberly’s first time tailgating so I had to make sure she was prepared for the experience (such as, bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer, wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for weather changes). I was so proud of her! She handled her first tailgate like a pro.

Despite the loss (don’t even get me started on that – but how funny was this?), I had another fantastic start to the season. Tailgating, pudding shots with the girls, running into so many friends, enjoying the game with friends….I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Monday, I was feeling the effects of drinking and being tired from the day but I managed to plow through (and was very productive if I say so myself). Tabitha invited me to join her at Taste of the Browns and how could I say no. At some point during the day, I may have told her I wasn’t going to drink. Clearly, that was a joke. Wine, running into lots of friends (who were all fabulously dressed), enjoying yummy food and seeing some of my favorite Browns players was the perfect way to end my Monday. I’ll be paying for all of this on Tuesday (and Wednesday) but that’s okay.

Thanks Tabs for a fab night!

Kimberly loves an ice sculpture…

Alex Mack!

Joe Thomas is one of my faves (not to mention one of the most humble players around)


How was your weekend? Tailgate anywhere in particular?!!

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2 Responses to Smitten….with The Browns

  1. cleveland says:

    LOVE! I had such fun on both Browns-filled days. You managed to do what the husband couldn’t do in 10 years. (get me to a tailgate) Go Browns!!

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