It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money

No, I’m not busting out more of my teen-pop music.

Sometimes it’s just not about the money. And after Tuesday’s announcement of the West Side Market Gala, I thought for sure the Cleveland love would be pouring in. I was highly disappointed by all the negative nellies out there. I get it. It’s not as cheap as most nights out are. With that said – it’s not often you get all those chefs, in one room, with an open bar all to benefit one of Cleveland’s most prized possessions. So is it a little more expensive? Yes. Is it going to help a wonderful cause in our fantastic city? Um yes.

There are certain things I’m always willing to spend a little money on. A fantastic purse? Absolutely (speaking of – anyone wanna hook a girl up with this one?). A great pair of heels? Often. A classic coat? More often than not. A nice car? Sometimes.

A great cause? Always. Giving back is part of how I think we should be living. If it means I’m not going out a few nights the next month to ensure that I have money to attend this event and to give back, then I’ll do that.

I really hope that over the next couple months, there’s a change in an attitude and an understanding that there are so many other ways to get involved. Can’t afford it due to budget? Volunteer! Go to some of the GREAT free events that the Market will be hosting. Shop at the Market every week (which means you will save money and help out some of our local businesses/vendors).

But let’s not make these amazing Chefs in our awesome city feel bad about an event that they are working so hard on. This is just one of the many ways that they are giving back to us.

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1 Response to It’s Not About the Money, Money, Money

  1. cleveland says:

    This post hits the nail right on the head and makes me very happy. Well said.

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