Little Miss

My coworker has been calling me a Socialite for the past, oh, six months and it totally cracks me up every time he says it. But seriously, this year has been full of nonstop weekend and weekday plans. And this past Friday I was able to get away but continue having a nonstop weekend which was full of tons of laughter and one of my most favorite bands.

Taking Friday off didn’t mean sleeping in this week cause me and some girlfriends needed to hit the road to head to Cincy. We were in for a fun-filled weekend which included seeing Sugarland, up close and personal in concert. Last summer I went and saw them and I almost think this concert exceeded last (mostly because they played so many songs that they typically haven’t played in concert before). Most of Friday was spent with me trying to get Sugarland’s attention via Twitter because I seriously want Jennifer Nettles to be my best friend for life. She’s like another Bethenny Frankel to me. I can’t even handle how fantastic she is.

Christine was ready to see Sugarland!

She’s my fave.

I die.

Dear Jennifer, please be my best friend.

After coming back into town, I was so excited that The BFF participated in the Pedal to the Point, and finished over 80 miles of riding his bike from Brunswick to Sandusky. He wrapped up Saturday with the Together in MS team and I gotta say I’m very proud. He’s one of two people that have MS and have participated in the Together in MS team that have finished their leg of the race. And it’s lit a fire in him to hopefully do all 150 miles next year! The fact that he’s been so vocal about his life living with MS the past year has inspired me and made me so proud to call him my best friend. Life doesn’t end at diagnosis and he is a great example of that. Yay BFF!

Sunday was a day of errands, relaxing and helping some friends celebrate their engagement. I love Sundays with good friends (who happen to also be coworkers) and great wine!

What else happened this weekend, Cleveland?

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