The Winner is…

Team Blonde, of course! Did you have any doubts? 

Yes, they had more girls. But we had the heart to go out there and leave it all on the field and bring home our victory trophy.

Our coaches prepared us. We knew our offense and our defense and with their inspiring speeches, we weren’t going to let them down. And we weren’t going to let our Captain Cara down (you’ll be back next year!)

The game was close, but we were not going to let Team Brunette score. We were able to show off two of our awesome victory dances (including paparazzi and grenade). Big shout-out to our MVP – Mags – for leading our team to victory and keeping us laughing in every practice, at the game and at the Victory Party.

Of course, we were all winners in the fight against Alzheimer’s, raising more money than some very large cities in our first annual event. If you haven’t donated, and still want to, visit BvBCLE to continue to support our team.

Big thanks to the sponsors and supporters of the event, our coaches and teammates. Everyone did an awesome job in organizing this event and I know Team Blonde is already looking forward to bringing home the trophy again next year.

And of course, post-game, we had to celebrate in style. Champagne in the trophy and drinks at Becky’s Bar and Grille, followed up with more drinks at Bar Louie. Great times and great teammates.

All in all, a great event, a great victory, great teammates and coaches and all for a worthy cause. Can’t wait till next year Team Blonde!

Disclaimer: I’m an official BvBCLE Blogger and participating on Team Blonde (my natural and current hair color). As part of Team Blonde, I was required to attend four practice (check) and raise $250 (check) toward our goal of $25,000. While we’ve reached my goal, I’d love for you to continue to support us in the fight against Alzheimer’s Association. All opinions are 100% my own. 

(Photos courtesy of Rob Malcom)

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5 Responses to The Winner is…

  1. $36,500 – awesome!!!!! So sorry I couldn’t come to the game – looks like so much fun!! And your pics rock! congrats

  2. cleveland says:

    Hurray!!! Congrats to the Blondes! These pics are priceless. Way to go girl.

  3. tabitha says:

    congrats blondes!! this looks like such an event … hopefully ill be able to attend it next year!

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