50 Shades

In another episode of the A & C Show (seriously, I should try and sell this…between our hilarious memories and our conversations that typically cause me to cry from laughing so hard, we could make some extra cash)…

This actually started on Sunday evening when A called and made me cry – not on purpose. He was practicing telling his “life story” for a speech he’s going to start giving around the nation (at least I think it’ll be around the nation) and as usual, the story makes me cry. Yes, I’ve heard it many times before…and was there during it. One day I may write about said story, but not today or anytime soon…it makes me too sad and caused me to not be able to sleep on Sunday night.

Needless to say, we needed to lighten the mood. So A asked what I was doing and I said reading, he responded, without missing a beat, with “50 Shades of Grey?”

Julie’s reading material on the left…mine on the right.

I seriously had been trying to avoid the book. Really. But then I had an afternoon at the pool and needed reading material. And I certainty wasn’t going to tell The BFF that I was reading the book but he did inquire.

And now I can’t put the damn thing down.

On Tuesday when The BFF called for our usual Tuesday evening chat, after about 15 minutes of teasing each other and catching up, he asked what part of 50 Shades of Grey I was on. The best part? He actually knew the story line. Turns out his wife is also reading the book (and we both finished tonight). Unfortunately, I don’t have book 2 yet (his wife made him pick up book 2 and 3 tonight on his way home….I tried to do the same but he wouldn’t drive the book out to me).

Who else is reading 50 Shades? Anyone on Book 2 – what do I have to look forward to?

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4 Responses to 50 Shades

  1. mojamala2 says:

    I read book 1 and that was enough for me. I am really curious about what happens in books 2 and 3 but reading those were not for me. It’s rare that I start a series and don’t finish it but I found myself skimming parts of the book after awhile

  2. KTOinCLE says:

    I’m almost done with book three- if I could quit books I would quit this one. One was great for pool reading and the novelty of it, two is suspenseful and a quick read but three seems to be dragging for some reason!

    I definitely recommend them for a chill, out by the pool read- though the Reader’s Digest mini-funny stories are the bomb.com.

    Let’s pool again soon!

  3. I read book 1 but have no desire to read the other two. Ana really annoyed me.

  4. Candice says:

    I read most of book one. Haven’t had time to finish with school and work. It’s not bad, but it’s not exactly a page turner for me either.

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