Blondes Do It Better

We’re only 10 short days away from the epic battle – the Blondes vs. the Brunettes. All in support of the Alzheimer’s Association. I think I can speak for all the ladies (both blondes and brunettes, as well as our redheads) when I say we’re all enjoying ourselves. Raising money, practicing and coordinating our game day gear (don’t even act surprised).

We’re still taking donations though and I’d love for you to support me and the rest of Team Blonde. We’re almost to our goal of $25,000 and are hopeful that we are going to surpass that goal by the 16th. Plus if you donate $20, you receive two tickets to our game on the 16th and can attend the post-game party at Becky’s (where you also receive a drink ticket). You don’t want to miss this epic battle!

Join Team Blonde and Team Brunette and our awesome coaches this Friday at Barley House on West Sixth to help us reach our goal. This is our official pregame event to prep for next Saturday. Also, 20% of your check will get donated back to BvBCLE! Enjoy the patio, your favorite team (Team Blonde) and help tackle Alzheimer’s disease! 

Disclaimer: I’m an official BvBCLE Blogger and participating on Team Blonde (my natural and current hair color). As part of Team Blonde, I’m required to attend four practice (check) and raise $250 (check) toward our goal of $25,000. While I’ve reached my goal, I’d love for you to continue to support me in the fight against Alzheimer’s Association. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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