A Swing and a Drive

I love Indians season. There’s really not much better than going to Jacob’s Field (or Progressive Field if you’d like to call it that) with friends, having a beer (or a couple) and enjoying a great baseball game.

And the season is officially kicking off and I am so excited. While I’m not going to the home-opener you know I’ll be watching and that I’ll be attending plenty of games this year (in fact, we’re already planning our first Girls Night Out at the game).

If you are heading to games this year, you are in for a treat as The Indians have made some changes this year – all positive ones, of course. I’ve got to say, the Indians really get it. Whether it’s the social suite, inviting fans to meet with players and staff or making adjustments to Field regulations to make fans happy, they do it.

So this year what can you expect? Re-entry is allowed. So if you need to leave the game, you can come back (through Gate A). You are also now allowed to bring a 20 oz. water bottle (not vodka, people). The Indians are also expanding the kids area on the mezzanine level, creating the Kids Clubhouse, which will also include a reduced menu for kids under 48″ (no comments about my height). Club level seats have also been reduced this year so you can enjoy the view for not nearly as expensive. This year you can also enjoy more fireworks and an additional Puppypalooza day (which makes me wish I had a dog).

So grab your gear and get down to the Field this year.

And Let’s Go Tribe!

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1 Response to A Swing and a Drive

  1. I’m super excited for Tribe season! We loved Puppypalooza last year…I’m glad they’re going to have 2 this season!

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