TEDxCLE – The Maker Class

I have the pleasure of working with a fabulous combination, sometimes known as Hallie and Eric, but also known as shark&minnow and the co-founders of the fabulous TEDxCLE event. I wanted to go last year and was unable to make it but this year, the calendar is marked and I can’t wait to attend.

So what’s TEDxCLE you may be asking? TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Three of the subjects that are constantly shaping our future and our day-to-day life. The national TED event has featured entertainers, creatives, scientists and event a former President. TEDx stands for independently organized events. TEDxCLE celebrates innovation, creativity and the arts, hope for change and inspiring Cleveland to be better each and every day.

And today, this year’s TEDxCLE speakers were announced. Some of the highlighted speakers: Lolah Brown (singer who is currently touring with John Legend), Josh Taylor (VP of Brand Strategy and Development at TWIST Creative) and Genna Petrolla (marketing professional). These are just three of the 13 fantastic speakers that will be featured this year.

Mark your calendar for these important dates: March 19th at 9am – tickets for TEDxCLE go on sale (this year’s event will be at the Cleveland Museum of Art). Tickets are $30 and this year’s event is sure to sell out like last year’s. Next day to mark: Friday, April 20th – the actual TEDxCLE event. Visit TEDxCLE to learn more, watch some past speakers and read the bios of this year’s current speakers.

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