Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I’ll love ya tomorrow….

Yes, I’m losing my mind from a lack of sleep. Just one day this week I wish I would have gotten a good sleep. But no, instead I went out with a few of my favorite Cleveland bloggers/advertising and PR peeps, drank too much Christmas Ale, baked at 11:00 p.m. for a very LS Thanksgiving, stayed up late cleaning and watching Private Practice and then had an early car appointment for new tires (which by the way – what a difference a new set of tires makes!)

Some fantastic people!

Lisa, Seanski and I – post a couple Christmas Ales (and I’m back to brunette)

During the night out, I also had my first Christmas Ale of the season…okay I may have indulged in more than one multiple times this week. What can I say? It’s another reason I love this city.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to a weekend of sleeping in. That’s right — not going to the Factory of Sadness for Sunday’s Browns game. I just can’t. It’s just more heartbreak and after this week, I just don’t know how much more of that I can handle. And I’m not the only one.

(Need a Factory of Sadness shirt? Check it out here)

Moving on, I’m going to be soon starting a Friday feature – Fabulous Friday. Where I’ll be posting something…well, fabulous. It could be a beauty product, fashion, an advertisement/PR/Social media campaign, a night out with friends or just someone that I consider Fabulous. Watch for it next week, kids!

Favorite part of the week though? Being reminded of all the fantastic people in my life that I’ve been able to meet through work, through other friends and that I’ve known for years. The two therapy sessions I had with the BFF helped too.

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