Jerseys, T’s and Accessories

We are officially just two weeks away from the start of the 2011 NFL Season. Needless to say, I’m beyond excited. Though this summer has been one of the best, the Fall always makes me happy.

As promised, here are some fashion must-haves for Browns Season this year:

 My most favorite Browns T-shirt is from Cleveland’s own: The CLE Clothing Co. Typically, I bust this shirt out for pre-season games and also as my start-up shirt, before changing to head into the game. Usually for the beginning of the season when it’s not freezing cold yet, I wear cropped jeans or jeans, with flip flops. Not usually the best idea as Muni Lot tends to be disgusting but I go with comfort.

Once game time hits, it’s jersey time. This year, I’ll be rotating between Peyton and Joe, and hopefully Colt before the end of the season (ahem, Chris…are you listening….).




And ladies will understand this: accessories are important. I need to represent my team at all times and in all areas. So yes, last year I spent money and purchased this adorable purse. I love pulling this purse out of my Browns “tote”…yes I have enough Browns apparel to have a Browns “tote”.

Once late fall and winter hit, I know it’s time to bust out the “warm weather” clothes for Browns games. Because honestly, being that close to the Lake, makes me freeze my ass off. Here are my must haves (all available here):





Other items to not forget: ponchos, layers, boots, sweatshirts, leggings and hats.

And let the season begin! 

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