Two Weeks – Three Concerts

This week was more or less a complete whirlwind. After my cousin left, the work week was absolutely insane, and included a quick 24 hour road trip with two colleagues.

Somewhere in the middle of this week I ended up going to two concerts. One being Journey at Blossom, which almost everyone at work made fun of me about but it was seriously such a great concert. I’m an 80’s music lover so seeing Journey along with Night Rider and Foreigner was fantastic.

After my quick road trip to Indiana (where I heard this Ke$ha’s song “Cannibal” more than once and learned that she’s one of our Creative Director’s favorites and managed to catch an August cold), Friday night I went out with my best girl friend Erin to see O.A.R. Again, I was made fun of about this but this was the 16th time I’ve seen them in concert and it was seriously one of the best. I think it ranks in the top 3 for me, as far as live performances. Their new cd is fantastic and I enjoyed every single song. Lyrically, the group has grown and it’s been awesome to see them evolve from 2001 to now.

One of my current favorites:

It was an absolutely gorgeous night in Cleveland with some fantastic friends (we met up with our friend Heather and her husband and had the BEST time dancing in the stands…yes, this was the first O.A.R. concert where I was not in the mass crowd by the stage…we took one look at the high school girls in teeny tiny skirts and the frat boys and made our way up to the stands).

Next up…Janet Jackson on Friday – singing her #1’s at Jacob’s Pavilion. Tickets are still available to be sure to grab them!

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