Sunday Funday

And yet another rainy weekend in the CLE. Seriously, is anyone else over this?! I wouldn’t mind the rain if it didn’t ruin my plans and if it wasn’t so stinkin’ cold out now too!

The weekend started off with the Sugarland concert with my friend Candice. After speeding into Blossom, we found our fabulous seats. Third row behind the pit. Fabulous. I’ve been to many concerts where while the artists are entertaining, but their voices are not always the best. Can I just say, Jennifer Nettles can SANG! By far, this concert was the best I’ve been to as far as actual performance went. Candice and I sang and danced the night away before the rain started as we walked back to my car. I’ll be uploading video soon enough.

Oh, Hey there Kristian!

Onto Saturday, which was the day where the rain really ruined my day. (Not to mention my allergies have officially started to act up – UGH!)

This is how the afternoon started off in the Social Suite (thank you @Tribetalk)

Within minutes (and I am not kidding) of taking this picture, a downpour began. And it continued…and continued….until the game was officially called. And then today’s game was postponed too. Disappointing but it was fun to be in the suite, meet new tweeps, walk around Progressive Field and see Chris Perez (aka: Pure Rage) walk from the bullpen to the dugout with his pants rolled up, shoes and socks in hand, avoiding the puddles on the field.

Looking forward to heading back to the Social Suite in the near future. Great job Indians embracing social media!

So, peeps…what’s everyone looking forward to this week?

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