The year of 28

So, last week I turned 28. It wasn’t the best birthday ever, but not the worst. Plans changed so things weren’t exactly as I was hoping for but such is life. And in typical fashion, the BFF forgot my birthday (again). Seriously, in the 15 years we’ve been friends, he’s never remembered. It just makes me laugh now. Like when he calls on April 14th, all excited saying “Hey it’s your birthday!!!” and I have to remind him, it was actually the 13th…exactly 5 months to the day after his. One of these years he’ll get it right.

A & C circa 2001 (end of May 2001 to be exact. 10 freaking years ago – we are so old)

The upside to birthdays…the shopping! I love all my birthday coupons I received. Free Sephora gift, $10 off Victoria’s secret, World Market coupon…life was good in the shopping world for me this week.

My favorite buy though was this adorable tank from Express (you can’t tell but it has sparkles) along with a cute summer cardigan. Love, Love, Love.

I managed to somehow get my suburban bound friends out downtown on Friday night and it did not disappoint. We went to Chinato’s for dinner…TO DIE FOR. The wait staff was incredible and the food was seriously orgasmic. I cannot wait to go back again. We also managed to make it to Greenhouse Tavern for a drink, Battery Park Wine Bar and XYZ the Tavern. I want to go to all three places for food in the very very near future.

Saturday my lovely friend Jenna married her very best friend Justin. Talk about a match made in heaven. These two are made for each other. The happy couple was just adorable. And while at the wedding, I received a text from one of my closest friends, Mo, announcing that she was engaged! So so so excited for her. She’s one of the sweetest, most caring people that you will ever meet. Another perfect pair!

Jenna was a gorgeous bride.

To top off the weekend, my Indians won again! A sweep of the Orioles! I’m totally loving this season so far and cannot wait to get down to Jacob’s Field…or Progressive Field…call it what you want. Plus my man Grady is back and hit a homer. Perfect Sunday in the CLE.

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