Lazy Sunday

There’s nothing I love more than a chill Sunday. Seriously, I feel like I did nothing today but I loved every minute of it. I got things done around the house, scheduled my
car detailing appointment (Delonte is going to be looking like brand new), schedule my eyebrow wax and scheduled my mani and pedi for next weekend…all in anticipation of what may be one of the most wonderful, fantastic, and epic weekends I’ve had in a while.

But on another note, I’m in love with the new ABC show, The Secret Millionaire. Seriously, every week I end up in tears (and not just a couple) by the end of the show. The whole idea of the show is that a millionaire gives up their life for a few days and volunteers his/her time to some non profit organizations in a different city. They literally are given like $25 for a week and are given an apartment to live in (if you want to call some of these places that). At the end of the week, they decide how much money they would like to give to these non profits (their own money by the way). By the time they start writing their checks, I’m nearly sobbing.

The show makes me every week want to get out there and start volunteering more of my time. I’ve been pretty dedicated to the National MS Society, for the obvious reasons. However, I do plan on getting more involved in working with kids specifically. So I’ve narrowed down places I’d like to get involved with to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital or Ronald McDonald House. I just need to figure out what exactly I want to do and what capacity.

The other reason I’m bringing this up is because April is the month of a the National MS Society Walks. So, if you feel so led: please check out the NMSS and consider making a donation. Or better yet, take some of that tax return you may have just received and consider donating some to a charity that means a lot to you.

Giving does really make you feel better.


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1 Response to Lazy Sunday

  1. Neci says:

    Loved Secret Millionaire!! I thought the season finale was a real disappointment though. While good causes nonetheless, I felt that some of the homeless people living in Venice Beach were hippies. I’m being jaded, I know, but honestly Detroit and Gary episodes hit a lot closer to home being that they’re Midwest cities and we all know folks who were affected when the automotive industry went under. Plus, we know what it’s like to be damn cold during these brutal winters. I had a hard time feeling sorry for people living in a brightly painted camper, smoking and drinking on a sunny beach all day.

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