My Oh My

The last two weeks I can’t stop playing all things Tristan Prettyman. She’s been my go-to on some rough days lately. Even when I’m working, she’s my new go-to with a cup of coffee (or a couple cups of coffee…or a mimosa). And when I tweeted at her Friday, I had a bit of a fan girl moment when she responded with this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 6.17.21 PM

My favorites right now:

Never Say Never (my current anthem). “You set me free.”

Say Anything. “By now I hope you know.”

Quit you. “You got me good. And I can’t quit you.”

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Now Playing

I have to be honest you guys. Really the only thing I’ve been listening to nonstop is the new Taylor Swift album. I’m not kidding. So good. But I have a few other songs I’m playing nonstop. You know, while I shake it off.

Nick Lachey – Falling Slowly. Yes, I realize it’s a former boy band member but Falling Slowly is by far one of my  most favorite songs. The musical Once has become a top 10 for me after seeing it last year at Playhouse Square and this song takes me right back to that. All. The. Feelings.

Ella – Ghost. I heard this first on Sirius and sort of fell in love with the song immediately. It’s a good feel good song, in my opinion.

Tove Lo – Habits. One of the few songs my coworkers also like that I play.

Hozier – Take me to Church. Another song my coworkers like and an artist we love. Plus sometimes I see LeBron James’ commercial when I hear this song.

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One of Those…

Ever have one of those weeks where it feels as though absolutely nothing is going your way?

Yep. That was me last week. Talk about being in a slump. It felt like from work, to home, to personal life to volunteer work, I couldn’t get into anything and was just absolutely exhausted and over it all. I’m pretty sure I went to bed at 9:30 multiple times (now with that said, my insomnia had me up from 2-5am most mornings so it balanced itself out).


The upside? I have incredible coworkers who were trying pretty much everything to cheer me up, including: 1. Blaring Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and initiating a dance party (which involved pulling my chair into the middle of the office to join in) and 2. Rapping and dancing to “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. If they wouldn’t kill me, I would post the video of it all going down.

Other things that were helpful during the week? Extra sleep (well as much as I could get), a glass of wine and Grey’s Anatomy, Cavs basketball (you guys…LeBron James plays for us…I’m not sure I’m getting over that anytime soon) and the first snow in CLE. Yes, I’m one of those people that loves the snow and winter and Christmas. Judge. Away.


How do you break out of a slump?

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Wise Words

Some days you just need a little boost to get through the day (or in some cases, the week). These ladies are a few that I admire and that I look to for some inspiration occasionally.




(yes I know Carrie isn’t a real person but the writing staff at SATC is still fabulous.)


Who do you look to for a little inspiration during a rough week?

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Extra, Extra!

That’s right – a night out with the Newsies was just what was needed this week. As part of the Broadway Series at Playhouse Square, Newsies came to town and did not disappoint. I can honestly say that this was one of my favorite musicals that I’ve seen. From the singing to the dancing to the story, the musical had everyone in the audience engaged and excited to see what was next.


When Playhouse Square invited me, I knew that Jess and I would have the perfect, much-needed girls night out. With drinks and small bites at Bin 216 before the media event, we were able to catch up and take in the sights of the Playhouse Square district. As much as I hate how dark it gets at 5pm this time of the year, it does offer the opportunity to really see that gorgeous chandelier lit up!


We were ready to hop on stage at any moment

We were ready to hop on stage at any moment

The show is based on true events and tells the story of Newsies – yes, news boys – who fought back and stood up for their rights…and the rights of others. You wouldn’t expect it, but the young men become heroes during the show and of course, there’s a love story weaved in. And along the way, the Newsies discover who they are and learn to stay true to their selves…and to each other.

And the good news – there are still some limited tickets to catch the show! Playhouse Square is offering a #SeizeSingleSeats promotion which gets you into the show and provide you with a few extra goodies!

So don’t wait – head over today, grab your Newsies hat and be prepared for another fantastic show at Playhouse Square!

Disclaimer: As a Playhouse Square blogger, I was invited to attend the media night in exchange for posting and promoting Newsies. As always, all opinions are my own.

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The Countdown to JBB Begins

It’s that time of the year. Fall is officially here (or maybe winter? I’m pretty sure I saw a snowflake or two this weekend). Cavs season has started. Christmas decorations are appearing.

And Jump Back Ball tickets are going to be going on sale! Yes, it’s time to start thinking about one of my favorite Cleveland events again. Put on by Playhouse Square, Jump Back Ball gives you the opportunity to support the arts while having a great time with fellow Clevelanders and friends. Last year my friend Jessica attended with me and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite nights of the year (okay, anytime Jess and I hang out we have the best times but that night we were in tears from laughing so hard).


This year’s event will be Saturday, February 28th (I love how it falls just two days after the ADDY Awards – gives me the perfect little winter weekend!)

And the theme this year? Jump Back to the Future!


So here are the details so you can mark your calendar to join the upcoming kick-off party (because seriously you need to be there…tickets last year sold in a record 10 days!)

Kickoff Party details:
Tickets will go on-sale on November 10, 5:30-7:30pm at the new Hofbrauhaus Cleveland (located at 1550 Chester Ave.)

Jump Back Ball Ticket Kickoff Pricing:
$130 Partners / $165 Non-Partners
Ticket limits: Public: 2 Non-Partners tickets per person, Partners: 2 Partners tickets and 2 Non-Partners tickets per membership (Also, ticket prices increase by $15 plus handling fees the day after the kickoff.)

ALSO- Bring a new, unused personal care item to do be donated to Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland and be entered into a raffle!

Details at:

Now the big question….what to wear?

Disclosure: I was invited to participate this year again as a Jump Back Ball blogger. In exchange for my blog posts, I am able to receive one free ticket with purchase of one. As always all opinions are my own and JBB has always been a fave event!

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The Welcome Home Celebration

I took Thursday off of work. Essentially for LeBron James. I needed the day to fully appreciate the celebration and welcome home for LBJ. And I’ll admit it. I cried. Multiple times.

The first time – when LBJ tweeted this new spot for Nike. I mean honestly, what Clevelander did not have chills the first time they saw this spot? It embodies everything this homecoming means to the city.

Chris, Dustin and Mike joined me in the celebration and we headed downtown as soon as they arrived to see all of the city celebrating. I can’t imagine how distracted I would have been at work had I not taken the day off. To see the insanity of East 4th meant a stop up at the Greenhouse Tavern rooftop.



After dinner and drinks at Hodge’s, which included hanging out with my friend Jenn and seeing Mason and Chris Hodgson himself, we were off to the Q. I was adamant that we had to be in our seats by 7:45 at the latest. I wanted to see every moment pre-game. Here’s the thing…I’ve been to a lot of Cleveland sports events. Indians Wild Card games, Browns vs. Steelers games during Sunday Night Football and even the Cavs Championship games. I have never ever seen Downtown Cleveland like that before. I’ve never been in a longer line to get into the Q and I’ve never seen so many excited people in one space.




And that moment when the Nike spot started to air, just moments before Usher came onto the court to sing the National Anthem? Yep – tears again. To see LeBron totally taking in that moment and every fan in the arena already on their feet, it was something I had never experienced at a sporting event. And the moment when LeBron was announced, wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, it’s one I won’t forget. The Q has never been that loud and it was the perfect homecoming celebration.

And yes, I know we lost. And yes, I know LBJ didn’t play like himself. But this night? Well it was about more than that final score and LBJ’s stat sheet.

It was just all about Cleveland.


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Dear Cleveland

Dear Cleveland,

So today’s a pretty big day, huh? I mean, we’re on a National…well International…stage. In my 30-some years in this city I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt like this. Where every tweet, Facebook post, morning news show and public official can feel the Cleveland love.

Today’s one of those days that we walk a little taller. We smile a little bigger. We say hi to on another in passing. We high five as we’re walking to and from the Q. It’s the day where we’re not arguing over who we should have kept or traded, or what QB should start.

Instead, today’s the day we live out the statement “In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned.”


image c/o Cleveland Cavaliers

And you know what? We’ve earned this day. We’ve been through some tough days but our brightest days are still ahead of us. And I don’t just mean in regard to the Cavs record. We’re growing. We’re thriving. We’re tough. We’re gritty. We’re kind.

image c/o Destination Cleveland

image c/o Destination Cleveland

We’re just Cleveland.

So today, let’s all rise up together. Let’s not just cheer for the Cavs. Let’s cheer for Cleveland.

All For One. All For CLE.

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Counting Down

Let’s just keep getting ready for Thursday, don’t you think? These are two of my favorite memories at Quicken Loans Arena from the past five years. I legit cried. And I may have teared up watching it again. Judge away.

p.s. do we think Z will be in the house Thursday?

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In honor of this week’s festivities…I’m obsessed with this brand spot from Beats by Dre. Obsessed.

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